Ellison Bluff County Park

Peninsula State Park and Whitefish Dunes, everyone’s heard of those famous Door County parks but what about Ellison Bluff County Park?  When my best friend Nancy and her daughter Hannah were up a few weeks ago we were heading to Sister Bay from their family cabin in Ellison Bay one morning.  I spotted the Ellison Bluff County Park sign just south of Ellison Bay.  None of us had been there before believe it or not.  I had had heard about it but never had driven in even after driving by the sign a million times.  Ellison Bluff County Park consists of nearly 175 acres of woods, hiking trails and a scenic overlook which is literally cantilevered over the bluff…

Behold the fabulous view… too bad I don’t have a panoramic camera. Be careful if you go around the fenced in area, if you go too close to the bluff you could fall off… some guy fell last year.  He survived on the rocks below but had to be rescued by boat.  Not good.

Ellison Bluff County Park is located on the left hand side of Highway 42 right before the Grand View Condominiums going north. Check it out, it won’t disappoint.

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