Wind Storm!

Well, the wind went nuts in Door County last Thursday night.  Egg Harbor Lodge was one of the fortunate ones that still had power.  Our phone and internet were out but my cell phone worked so I could get my emails.  There was a huge willow tree down across the street at the Ashbrooke and we lost  a couple of small trees.

Myles Dannhausen, Jr. from the Peninsula Pulse newspaper took this picture of this huge downed tree in Ephraim

There were trees down everywhere and all five Door County state parks were closed because of the damage.  Fish Creek and Ephraim were completely out of power.  Downtown Egg Harbor for the most part was OK but the Alpine, Shallows and The Landing weren’t so lucky… no power.  The Alpine also had a wedding reception scheduled for Saturday night that had to be moved to a different location because of the outage.  106.9 The Lodge radio station wasn’t back on the air until Sunday afternoon.  At Peninsula Players where “the show must go on” did in fact with the help of  lanterns.  The lodging places called their vacancies into the Door County Visitor Bureau to help displaced guests find a room. The YMCA was open for people to take showers as were community centers like ours in Egg Harbor for coffee, kitchen privileges and internet. Many roads were blocked and there were wires down everywhere. People  posted crazy pictures on their Facebook pages.  It was unbelievable.   I was amazed and thankful no one was injured.

The parks will be closed until Thursday from what I have heard but for the most part everything is back to normal in Door County.  This will  be a storm that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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