Swans in Door County

It seems like everyone else has seen the swans around Door County but me. Usually they are near the shore in Baileys Harbor and they have also been spotted on Lake Michigan near Glidden Drive.  Until yesterday, I had not seen them but late yesterday morning we were outside and we heard this loud noise… it almost sounded like coyotes but we looked up in the sky and spotted a flock of beautiful white birds in the sunshine.  They were probably around three dozen swans flying overhead toward Green Bay waters.  I would have loved to have seen where they landed.

Joe announced today that he heard the wild turkeys gobbling early this morning.  With the gobbling starting, we know it is the beginning of the breeding season.  The hens will soon start to look for a depression on the ground where they will lay an egg a day for 10-12 days. There are tons of wild turkeys in Door County so there is actually a turkey hunt that begins the middle of April and lasts until the end of May. Hunters are chosen lottery style and have a specific five-day period in which to hunt. My uncle from Highland Park, Illinois came for the Door County hunt last year and plans to do the same this year.  We have quite the time when he is here as he is hunter extraordinaire. He is on his way home from a hunting trip in Argentina and we can’t wait to hear the stories.

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