Slow week?

What was supposed to be a slower week turned out to be a busy week indeed. We had a lot of off the road traffic which we love.  I ordered new tables, chairs and umbrellas from Chris Anderson from Liberty Square.  The furniture arrived this week and Chris was nice enough to not only deliver them but help me put the tables together, drag the new pieces down to the lawn level and the old furniture back up.  The new furniture looks awesome and guests were hanging out at the new tables and chairs right away.  These ladies stayed in our Stonehearth Suite and decided to have their cocktail hour down on the lawn at our new tables which is where I snapped this photo…

a chicks weekend at EHL

I had my hair done at Details this week which is an Aveda salon where  our daughter Emilie works.  I love having Em do my hair… we have a lot of laughs and the salon itself is beautiful and very relaxing.  I had to pull teeth to get her to pose for a pic…

Our Emilie at Details in downtown Egg Harbor

Mark woke up one night this week and couldn’t straighten or bend his knee all the way.  He was in quite a bit of pain but after a couple visits to the North Shore Medical Clinic, he will have his knee “scoped” to hopefully get rid of a bone chip on Monday… more on that later.

Emilie‘s friend Ellen, Emilie and all their friends celebrated Ellen’s birthday Friday night with a Door County Trolley ride, (I LOVE the DC Trolley!) complements of Ellen’s parents Greg and Julie Diltz.  Greg and Julie own Northern Door Communications and Julie’s Upscale Retail respectively, both located in Sister Bay. They started out at John Henry’s which is where we met up with them and they proceeded to head to other Northern Door establishments…

Birthday girl Ellen and Grandpa Greg...diaper bag in tow!

Julie Diltz and Heidi Penchoff at Ellen's B-Day party

After being tempted to go on the trolley (we opted out) we headed over to Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille in Jacksonport to our good friends Bobby and Mary Geitner‘s son Mark‘s birthday party.  Mark was really surprised… I love surprises!  He dates our niece Sadie so some of our family was there as well.

Our good friends... the Geitner family- minus Matthew.

Tonight, Saturday… we had BLT’s (with tomatoes from the EHL  garden and our pal Jeanne’s garden), a fresh cucumber salad (Mark’s mom’s recipe)  and fresh corn from Schartner’s Farm Market and just hung out at home… think I’ll head to bed now…


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