I’m going to be on TV!

Yes, that’s right… TV!  My love of cooking has gotten me a guest appearance on Living With Amy on Fox 11 Green Bay


 Amy Hanten of Living With Amy on Fox 11 Green Bay

I submitted a Reuben Casserole recipe (they were looking for Irish recipes) and Amy called me yesterday.  I am to arrive at 7:45am Monday morning and then I will make two casseroles.  One we will bake right away and the other, we will assemble the ingredients and then put it together on the air.  Then voila’ we will pull the baked casserole out of the oven to show the finished dish.  I am sooo excited.  She also mentioned her show may take a road trip at some point and possibly to  Egg Harbor Lodge which would be really cool. I hope I get a chance to plug  Door County when I’m on… I’ll give it my best.  I don’t feel nervous I just hope I don’t…

a.  trip

b.  spill food on my clothes

c.  mess up the recipe

d.  accidentally say a word inappropriate for TV 

In 2007, I won a recipe contest and earned 4 VIP tickets to see Bobby Flay-check it out…


Here are Shelly Petersilka (The Mill Supper Club), me, BOBBY FLAY, Nellie and Nancy Anderson at the Resch Center in Green Bay.  Bobby was really friendly, taller than expected and funny.  His cooking show was amazing.  We had front row center seats and my recipe was featured in the Get Cooking! booklet for the show.  Of course the recipe was DOOR COUNTY Planked Salmon. After the show airs I will share my recipes but remember… I am not a chef, just a good cook.

So, wish me luck… I’ll be on the show Monday(on Fox 11 Green). This is probably as close as I’ll ever get to being famous… nah… I’ll get there some day.

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