Door County Famous

Eli MatsonHave you heard about this guy?  Eli Mattson, a 26 year old singer/ songwriter who started his music career in Door County made it into the top 40 of America’s Got TalentEli has been performing outside of J. Jeffrey Taylors’s in Fish Creek on Saturdays for a couple of years.

Last night was my first time watching the show or even seeing Eli Mattson, although I have heard his song Baby Doll on a local radio station and I have to say I am a fan.  The TV show itself was excruciating to watch with its “Tap Dancin’ Dads”, a guy who eats fire, a couple of transvestite singers and a four year old little girl who probably should have been home in bed.  But watch it I did…. all two hours of it.  It was worth it.  This kid can really sing and play the piano.  I am ashamed I didn’t take the time to see him this summer.  So take the time to watch and vote for what could be Door County’s newest celebrity.

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