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reading my new favorite mag...

reading my new favorite mag...

I just picked up the autumn edition of Door County Living… it is now my new favorite magazine.  Door County Living is the sister publication of the Peninsula Pulse a free weekly publication and resource of Door County arts, news and entertainment.  Both publications have tons of interesting articles with info about Door County residents, businesses, characters, restaurants, nature and of course art.  The Pulse is the go-to guide for entertainment in DC.   Coincidentally, both are free… yes, free.  I love free stuff.

Anyway, while I was reading the latest edition of Door County Living I stumbled across an article (The Small School Experience by Gary Jones a Gibraltar teacher) about the three Northern Door Schools… Sevastopol (where our kids attended), Gibraltar (where Mark and I graduated) and Washington Island (there were 6 graduates this year) and low and  behold there was a quote from our son Joe who just graduated from Sevastopol.  Upon further reading,  our older son Josh’s  in-laws were mentioned (A Sea of Orchards) as owners of  Schartner’s Farm Market along with our grandson Jaden.

In the article about Door County golf,  there were three photos of our God son, Ed Strege.  I guess it is just really special to have a nice, glossy magazine that can really get to the heart and soul of Door County.  Like George Bailey said,  it is the citizens that “do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community” … it is nice to read about them as well.

There are probably 6 Door County radio stations but of course I have two favorites.  WDOR owned and operated by Eddie Allen and his son Danny.  We have known Eddie for well over 30 years.  I met him when I worked at the Savings and Loan in Sturgeon Bay and he did the play by play for the Door County League Baseball which he still does to this day.  The radio station is still listened to by many for its local sports, news and interviews with people regarding current events.  Deloris Allen, Eddie’s mom used to read a new recipe everyday…   many which I still have.  At Christmas time, The Cinnamon Bear story was told bit by bit each day for the children after school.

While WDOR will always be a favorite, as far as music goes, I would have to go with 106.9 The Lodge.   I love it.  Good music,  local artists on Wednesday nights at nine and best of all… no “opinions” from the owners or anyone else for that matter.  They also don’t read the police report… another bonus.  They play tons of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet.  It is not a “classic” station or a pop station but a combination of really great music, some old some new.  Our daughter Emilie‘s friend Chrystal Kugle is a DJ on the weekends.  She is a communications major at UW-Milwaukee.  One of  The Lodge slogans goes something like no sports, no shopping shows or court reports.  Now that is music to my ears.

In my honorable mention catagory I would have to mention WSRG 97.7 The Big Dawg… my kids are all a huge fan of this station and its music.  While I am not a big country fan I am probably in the minority in Door County.

At any rate publications or music… Door County rocks!

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