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It has been a busy week.  Last week I was able to catch a Milwaukee Brewer game.  Our friends Don and Shelly who own the Mill Supper Club won forty tickets so they rented a bus and we headed to the game. For those of you who don’t know what supper club means, it isn’t actually a club, but it is a restaurant that is only open for “supper”, has a full bar and a pretty big menu.

I don’t own any Brewer clothes but everyone got a free Brewer shirt when we got into the stadium which was a bonus.

Allison, Shelly, Pete and Sarah

We parked where all of the millions of buses park and we tailgated there… It was kind of like we were on the the “Titanic” and we were in steerage.  Note to self… don’t wear a white top to a Brewer game…

Joe had a few friends over last night.  One of them was Sara Junion whose grandma is Mary, who has worked at the front desk at Egg Harbor Lodge for years.  Sara comes from a really great family.  Her younger brother Ben is a freshman at Sevastopol High School and has Muscular Dystrophy.  He is doing well but not without a lot of help from his amazing family.

The Jerry Lewis 45th annual MDA telethon is televised locally on Fox 11 in Green Bay on Monday.  Please keep this family in mind and make a donation to help kids like Ben.

Also on Fox 11 is Living with Amy. The host,  Amy Hanten, invited me to cook on her show with her on Wednesday.  I cannot wait.   Watch for me on Fox 11 this Wednesday at 9 am if you are in the Green Bay viewing area.  I hope I get to meet the weather man Pete Petoniak… he wasn’t there the last time I was on.  I am making my Olive Garden knock off salad.  Okay all you Olive Garden haters.  I am saying it right now… I LOVE the Olive Garden… the Olive Garden is cool.  I think the food is delish and I love their salad.  But I still think mine is better…

Our friends John and Lauren are up this weekend…

Lauren is a nurse and in fact was one of Josh’s nurses at St. Vincent Hospital when he was undergoing chemo for his Leukemia in 1985.  We spent many nights in the hospital and Lauren was our favorite nurse.  She was my age and was always so cute with Josh. She is and was amazing and even more amazing is that we are still friends today.  Help my family and you’re a friend for life in my book.

We checked out JJ’s of Jacksonport on Friday night.  The restaurant was packed, but the food and margaritas were excellent.  I love JJ’s.

Good luck to the Egg Harbor Indians tomorrow in the championship game.

Our prayers go out to our friend Mike Kaye who is currently at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee.

The phone is quiet, Mark is here and I think we are headed to the whirlpool.  We like to take advantage of the Egg Harbor Lodge facilities too!

Have a safe weekend.

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