Door County Radio and me?

Yesterday, my pal Kaaren from Main Street Market asked if I would do some voice work for a radio ad they plan to do with Door County‘s newest radio station 106.9 The Lodge.  Would I?  Of course.  The owners, Mike and Carrie Mesic along with Wally Vartanian met us (they needed about six people to “try out”) at Main Street Market Friday morning.  Brian Kelsey from Peninsula Players was one,  as was Steve Northrop’s mom Jeri (Steve is Kaaren’s husband) and Karen Peterson from Maxwell’s House.  All we had to do was read and sound believable… that was the hard part, sounding  believable.  We’ll have to see who makes the cut, but considering my history of getting on TV, I am sure I am a shoo in for radio… or is that a “face” for radio?


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