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Our friends, the Callsens and the Northrops own Main Street Market a full service grocery store  in downtown Egg Harbor.  They built the original store in 1987 and added on to it just a few years later.  They have a huge selection and knowledge of wine… (right now get 10% off a case during their famous wine sale).  Their meat department has the best steaks, pork chops, lamb chops- you name it.  I don’t think you can find a tastier selection anywhere…  and their butchers are pretty cool too.  Many times our guests will buy a couple steaks, a few gourmet  hors d’oeuvres, a  bottle of wine and come back to Egg Harbor Lodge and throw the steaks on the grill and have dinner at “home”… that way they don’t miss the sunset.

I took this picture of the owners at our business association dinner a couple of weeks ago…

Vonnie and Dave Callsen and daughter Kaaren and husband Steve Northrop

Vonnie and Dave Callsen and daughter Kaaren and husband Steve Northrop

At least one of the Callsens or Northrops  or most of the time, ALL of the family is in the grocery store working.  They will also try to special order items.  Last year, I had Kaaren look for this “secret” ingredient Mark’s mom uses in her venison stew and of course Kaaren was able to get it for me.  I got a case of the “flavor booster” as it is called so I should be set for awhile.

They have an an equally nice deli department with imported cheeses, hand sliced meats, salads, subs and a lunch special every day. There is a counter and stools next to their bakery so you can get a pastry and coffee and read the paper.

I think one of the nicest things about Main Street Market is their customer service… there is no equal AND they carry out your groceries.  Yes, you heard it right, they carry your groceries out to your car.  This was huge for me when my four kids were young.  The store is the main hub of the village… it is where we get the latest news and visit with our friends particularly in the winter when I head to the store nearly every day just to see civilization.

I for one am glad they moved to Egg Harbor twenty two years ago… they give to back to our community through charities and donate to many of the arts and festivals in Door County.  We also count them as some of our best friends… lucky us.

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