Door County BLIZZARD

Door County is nearing the end of one of  it’s worst blizzards… the third worse since 1888!  Everything in Egg Harbor was closed, the Post Office, the bank, all the stores… even Main Street Market and they NEVER close.  We hung out all day and just enjoyed the storm, thankful we didn’t have to go out.  Emilie, who works at Details, an Aveda Salon in Egg Harbor had to go into work for a short time to call clients to tell them the salon was closed for the day.  She tried to drive herself, but Mark ended up taking her in the truck since she wasn’t able to make it out the driveway with her car.  It took them nearly 15 minutes to drive 3 miles. When they got to the Hwy. 42 in Egg Harbor, a big tree had fallen down across the highway. There were thousands of Door County residents without power.  The Jacksonport Fire Department opened it’s doors as a warming house for those without heat.  They also offered to pick up anyone who didn’t want to brave the storm.  If the wind doesn’t quit, schools maybe closed again tomorrow.  I am sure all the snowmobilers are thrilled, like our friend Bruce Hill who owns the Lull-Abi Inn in Egg Harbor.

Anyway, I loved the storm.  I made a frittata for breakfast and  a big kettle of homemade chicken noodle soup for supper… that and a fire in the fireplace, what else can one ask for?  Winter is here… let’s enjoy it!


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  1. Ed says:

    I would also like a hot butter rum around cocktail hour. Sarah do me a favor and enjoy the snow, I only received about a 1/4 of an inch.

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