Fyr Bal in Door County this weekend…

Ephraim’s 46th Annual Fyr Bal Festival is all set for June 18-20.  In addition to the fireworks, free Trolley rides, food and and music, bonfires are lit on the shore around the harbor signifying the burning of the “Winter Witch” and welcoming the long days of summer.

Fyr Bal (pronounced fear ball, not fire ball or fur ball) also ushers in the new “Chieftain” by boat.  The new Chieftain’s identity is kept secret until he or she is visible to the festival goers.  I think my favorite Chieftain, had to be Scotty Weborg a well known and loved Ephraimite and probably one of Gibraltar High School’s biggest sports fan.  Click here for the full festival schedule.

Contrary to the weather report, the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.  Go to Fox11online.com for an accurate and up to date weather report.  Don’t ask me about the weather, I am known to lie about it quite often. PS I have a few units available beginning Saturday.

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