Fall Festival this weekend…

Sister Bay’s 65th annual Fall Festival actually started today with the antique car show, but most of the festivities are planned for the weekend.  This includes a parade, concessions, a dog show, an auto show and best of all… The Happy Schnapps Combo playing outside at the Husby’s/Sister Bay Bowl stage.  Fall Fest, is lovingly known as Fall Down Fest by the locals because people literally… fall down… honest.  We haven’t been to the festival in awhile but Kimberly Sawyer, Miss Wisconsin is going to be in the parade and we don’t want to miss that.  Unfortunately, the ping pong ball drop has turned into a ping pong ball shoot.  Normally, a helicopter drops 10 thousand ping pong balls and people scramble to pick them up… many are prize winning.  Unfortunately, one lowly person complained the helicopter was too low and that was enough for the FAA to pull the plug.  Too bad.  The parade starts at 11 and the Happy Schnapps Combo starts at noon… be there or be square!

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