Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch Festival

It is that time of year again… Pumpkin Patch!  Those very words alone send fear and excitement to all business owners, residents and employees alike.  The festival is really a lot of fun… good music, food, crafts, art, games- you name it but it gets really busy and the traffic is crazy.  (If you are lucky enough to stay at Egg Harbor Lodge you can walk or take a bike). The festival is run  by the Egg Harbor Business Association.  It is a huge festival run by a relatively small group of people.  We recruit everybody and anybody to help and with the lure of free food and beer we usually get enough people.  One year Mark and I decided to sell brats and beer while we were setting up on the Friday the day before the festival usually begins and Voila! the festival is now a three day event.  We have not decided if that is a good thing or not.  This year we will not be able to cook and sell brats on Friday but I am sure somebody will step forward and take over.  This weekend means all hands on deck… all of our kids help along with their friends.  It is a lot of hard work but a lot of fun and the best people watching experience one can imagine.   This year the EHBA is donating $1000.00 to a local mother with terminal cancer.  She and her husband have three children.  The  employees  from Door County Memorial Hospital will work on Saturday to earn the money and will then turn it over to the family.  There will be canisters for donations as well, so if you go to the festival, be sure to donate to this worthy cause.

At the end of each day we take all of the roasters and dishes to the Alpine… they are kind enough to wash everything up for us. We then stop and see my pal Emily Bertschinger and her family and have a couple of well deserved cocktails. 

It will be a wild weekend… see you there.  I will be the pony-tailed blonde wearing a dirty sweatshirt.

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