Door County’s Plein Air Festival…

Forty artists. Six days to paint. One incredible event.

If you are driving or walking around Door County between July 18-24, you will see artists painting… everywhere.   At  parks,  the marina or even in the middle of a farmers field.  What you are witnessing is Door County’s 5th annual Plein Air Festival.

Like what you see?  You get a chance to buy the artwork at the Dockside Auction on July 23rd or stop in at the Peninsula School of Art .  Thursday, July 21(that’s TODAY) the artists will be out and about in Egg Harbor… maybe someone will paint our new marina.  Now I’d buy that.

PS… Cherry season is here and will last probably into the middle of August.  Cherry pie time is here. Check our Schartner’s Farm Market in Egg Harbor.  They sell cherries and Karen makes great pies.

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