Door County Thresheree

Pig Wrestling

This weekend the the annual Thresheree is held in Valmy. Check out your Door County map to see where Valmy is. There will be signs once you get close. There are antique tractors, food, beer… locals love this crazy festival, including our daughters Nellie and Emilie. They were the winners of the women’s division in the pig wrestling last year. Yes, THAT is something to be proud of… I am sure they will try and defend their title on Sunday. The prize was free food and drink and the Institute Saloon (they sponsored Nell & Em’s team) and is located in Institute of course. The Saloon is known for it’s excellent pizza and budget friendly drinks. It looks like a dive bar and yes, I guess it is but Kay and Dennis who own it are really nice and like I said the pizza is excellent and cheap. It can get packed like rats in there on weekends it gets so busy. I am not a fan of getting dirty but we will head over to the Thresheree to watch our pretty dirty girls defend their title. They were thrilled when a photo of them in the mud was splashed in the Door County papers last year… me, not so much.

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