Autumn in Door County…

Fall is just about here.  No, the colors haven’t really started but the air is cooler and many businesses around Door County have started their fall decorating and that includes Egg Harbor Lodge.  Mark and I headed over to Gordy and Eunice Bley’s farm in West Jacksonport to cut cornstalks last week.  Eunice worked at Egg Harbor Lodge for many years… we still miss her here.  Basically, Mark chops the stalks and I rip off the corn.  We made the mistake one year of leaving the corn on and raccoons wreaked havoc with our displays.

Thank goodness we have the Egg Harbor Lodge truck…

EHL truck

Some of the cows came out to check out our progress…

Yesterday, we went to Schartner’s Farm Market to pick pumpkins… actually two loads of pumpkins (the first load included straw bales).  Egg Harbor is home to the famous Pumpkin Patch Festival (October 9th and 10th) so one can never have enough pumpkins.

Door County Pumpkin Patch

We took everything back to Egg Harbor Lodge and got everything displayed.  It looks really festive.  So yes, at Egg Harbor Lodge, fall is officially here!

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