Happy Easter!

The Great Lakes shipping season opened early this year due to the warm weather and lack of lake ice. This ship left the harbor March 24, passing an Easter Bunny near Little Harbor in Door County. Photo by Len Villano. (Reposted with permission from The Peninsula Pulse)


Yes, it has been an early Spring.  After talking with Bobby Lautenbach from Orchard Country Winery and Dave Schartner from Schartner’s Farm Market, it looks like the cherries will be really early this year.  They talked of harvesting possibly even as early as June.  The freeze we had last Sunday combined with last night’s freeze may have taken a toll on the cherry crop this year.  The trees have not yet blossomed so it remains to be seen what damage has actually occured.  Dave thinks quite of bit of his cherry crop has been hit.  One can only hope that that’s not really the case and there will be a nice crop this year.

Our grandson Jaden, who is 11 bagged a 23 lb. turkey this morning…

Congrats Jaden!

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