Celebrating Carlsville and Egg Harbor…

Next weekend July 30,  Carlsville will host a double festival which looks to be tons of fun.  The 10th annual Carlsville Day has joined forces with the Town of Egg Harbor in celebrating their Sesquicentennial.  The Town of Egg Harbor, which includes Carlsville, kind of runs around the outside the Village of Egg Harbor but mostly to the south.  Mark and I live in the town of Egg Harbor but our business Egg Harbor Lodge is in the village… get it?  Trust me, I am still confused.  Anyway, it looks to be a pretty darn big affair complete with a parade, pony and tractor rides and performances by the UW-Madison Marching Band. Our neighbors, Bob and Dolores Spittlemeister are the  Parade Marshalls… nice choice by the way. Not only that, there will be inflatables,  craft fairs, free water slides and bands playing from 3-8pm (The Bittorf Bros., Modern Day Drifters and a Polka band… Can’t get better than that). Not enough?  How about a cherry pit spit competition (I am good at that)  a Wild West reenactment and  free Door County Trolley rides to Carlsville businesses and the Egg Harbor Town hall.   There will also be a pet psychic… I might have to take our dog Bailey to that.  Nah.

If you can’t read this poster check out the festivities here.


I am glad the festival isn’t two days long or they may have named it Carlsville Daze.  That would have just been wrong…






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