American Folklore Theatre

Last night we had the opportunity to check out the world premier of Bing! The Cherry Musical but not before we headed to Bayside to grab something to eat.  I love going to Bayside there is always someone we know in there.  I had the jambalaya and the girls had a salad and the guys all had sandwiches.  All good… as always.


It was slightly drizzly and the rain policy at AFT is pretty much unless it is raining pretty heavily the show must go on.  If it rains during the show they may take a break and resume when it lets up. Most people just put up their hoods… umbrellas not allowed.  Anyway, we loved the show and the story behind it.  Mark’s dad was a cherry grower and the musical portrayed the plight of cherry growers really  well.   There were a lot of funny lines and some really great songs.  We didn’t encounter any bugs either which was a bonus.

The musical really showed how most people feel about living in Door County… it is the greatest place on earth.

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