Summer in Door County!

Yes kids, it is here…summer!  Next weekend is Ephraim’s Fyr Bal Festival which is the annual party where they “burn the winter witch” with huge bonfires around the harbor.  That looks and sounds like summer to me.

Photo by Dan Eggert

This weekend, the Door County Maritime Museum will hold the annual Light House Walk which gives visitors access to light houses that aren’t typically open to the public.

Also, next weekend, Baileys Harbor will hold it’s first annual Beer Festival.  If we weren’t going to a wedding I would be all over this. There will be bands, beer, food.  You can even purchase VIP tickets to get into the special events.  Kyle Cherek from Wisconsin Foodie (if haven’t seen this show on PBS, you should) will give a seminar on Wisconsin food adventures.  Don’t forget the big bike ride either… the Ride for Nature which benefits the Ridges Sanctuary.

On a personal note, we went to Mark’s goddaughter, Kimberly Sawyer’s wedding.  She was a former Miss Wisconsin  and she married Stewart Larsen over the weekend.  It was a perfect day and a perfect wedding.  Keeping with the buy local attitude here in Door County, I did my best to help out the businesses for my wedding attire.  My dress came from The Patricia Shoppe and my gorgeous necklace and earrings came from the Pink Umbrella both located in Egg Harbor.  I purchased my matching Switch Flops from Wilkens and Olander located in Fish Creek and Sturgeon Bay.

Mark and me...

I also picked up this cool, sparkly bag at the Pink Umbrella as well… it had my name written all over it!


The weather has been beautiful all week and looks to be great for the weekend… high 70’s!  Get out there!


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