Some Egg Harbor Remodeling…

Driving through Egg Harbor lately, one can’t help but notice all the improvements going on.  Harbor Hardware located across the street from Egg Harbor Lodge is doubling the size of it’s building.  Not that you can tell from the street.  From the street you notice a new loading dock but the biggest change is in the back of the building.  Steve Hamming bought Harbor Hardware from our friends Bonnie and Tom Staver and immediately added more stock.  Steve is great about getting in anything that we suggest.  Owning a motel, we are in need of tons of things from toilet parts to housewares.  With the new addition Steve will add things like  landscaping items, electrical supplies and lumber.  He sells grills and grilling equipment, fishing gear and basically anything one needs.  I for one am glad we can take the company car (a bike) and run across the street and get what we need.

march 1 2013 006

In the center of town in the Chocolate Chicken building (green awning next to Harbor View Park) the back unit which has housed various restaurants is also under construction. I don’t know the full scoop but apparently the guy who bought is is an architect and his wife is going to operate the space as a restaurant.  They put a cool new window in which will give a nice water view and view of the park.  We always welcome new restaurants in Egg Harbor and I for one can’t wait to check it out…

march 1 2013 004

It almost looks like there will be a walk out area.  I am going to stop in and get the low down.  When I took this pic there was no one around.

Across the street in the yellow house (Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company and hot dog restaurant) is getting a complete facelift… new windows, siding and some remodeling inside according to our newly elected village president, Joe SmithThe Olive Oil Company is owned by the same people that own Shipwrecked Brew Pub where Joe is the manager. He also runs the hot dog part of the oilerie. Anyway, they always do a nice job with making their buildings look nice so I am sure it will look great when it is complete.

2013-04-01 00.30.35

Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite women’s boutiques, The Patricia Shoppe.  Owner Erin Bosman is a successful and savvy business owner.  She has done extremely well and will now be able to offer even more.  The biggest change will be the addition of more dressing rooms and storage along with more room for fashion!  Erin kept the old town hall’s character with a molded tin ceiling and antique lighting.  The interior is being painted as we speak and should be finished by the end of April.  I for one can’t wait.

march 1 2013 002

Erin’s husband and family has helped with the construction but Erin is a hands on kind of girl herself and isn’t afraid to get dirty.  She worked tirelessly herself.  Best of luck Erin.

So as you can see, our little Egg Harbor is always trying to improve itself and that includes Egg Harbor Lodge.  We start spring cleaning soon and will be ready for our first guests May 1.  Happy Spring!

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