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Last Thursday we got five inches of snow! Oh what a difference a day makes!  By Saturday, the snow was pretty much gone with temps in the 60’s.  Businesses in Egg Harbor are getting ready for the season to begin. The weather was so beautiful, Christine from Christine’s Casuals and Erin from The Patricia Shoppe both had clothing displayed outside this weekend.  Mark and I  spent the weekend at Egg Harbor Lodge in our Stonehearth Suite which was just perfect.  We had friends over for dinner Saturday and Sunday nights and saw two great sunsets.  My new favorite appetizer is… bacon wrapped green beans!  It sounds kind of gross but they are really good.  I think with all the fresh asparagus available lately, I will try the recipe with asparagus next time. I saw this recipe on Fox 11’s Living with Amy. Green Bay Packer player Chad Clifton‘s  wife Candy, who is a Southerner made them on the show and they really are good.

Bacon Wrapped Green Bean Bundles

2 cans canned green beans drained  (yes, canned green beans!)

1/2 cup brown sugar

3/4 bottle Catalina Dressing (personally, I had never tried this type of dressing before)

One pound thick cut bacon.  I used Nueske Applewood Smoked Bacon which made these super good, but took about and hour to cook.

Mix the dressing and brown sugar.  Cut the bacon strips in half and bundle about 6 beans with the bacon.  Secure with a toothpick and pour the dressing on top.  Candy cooked hers at 350 for a half hour, with the Nueske bacon I raised the temp to 400 and cooked them for about an hour.  They smell amazing!  Try it… you’ll like it!

Bruce and Gail Hill from the Lull-Abi Inn of Egg Harbor are coming tonight for dinner so I am going to see how they like my new fav.  Speaking of Bruce and Gail, they ate breakfast at the Rusty Tractor just north of Carlsville over the weekend and they loved it.  Lots of food, good prices and a bonus… they now serve on real plates and have  coffee mugs instead of Styrofoam.  We’ll have to check it out.  Darn, I am a huge fan of paper plates.

Nancy Nevins and her husband Jim Logerquist are here from Portland, Oregon.  Nancy’s parents owned the Mariner Resort and Nancy’s mom Pat died last year so they were trying to get things organized.  The Mariner’s cottages, Captains Quarters and houses will be open this summer, but the motel will not.  We have a lot of nice memories hanging out at the Mariner.  Back in the day, on the Fourth of July, Nancy’s dad would make a huge brisket on the grill and at night Nanc and I would shoot bottle rockets off their pier.  We would tool around on the golf cart around the property and hang out with her parent’s friends.  Those were the days!  Nancy gave me some old records from the Village of Egg Harbor when her dad was president of the village.  I am reading them now and then I will pass them on to Egg Harbor’s current president Nancy Fisher who coincidentally is on Egg Harbor’s newly formed Historical Society.  Most of the information is on the dock that Nancy’s dad Gordon Nevins help bring to Egg Harbor.   Nancy Fisher will probably find it interesting as she was  instrumental in Egg Harbor‘s  brand new marina that is being built as we speak.

We had a burger at John Henry’s last night and afterward there was an Egg Harbor Men’s Club Meeting.  I decided not to stick around for it so I started walking t0 my friend Bernadette’s house when it started to drizzle.  No problem… Polly and Don Helm and daughter Hanna from Door County Nature Works drove by and gave me a ride.  Thanks Polly and Don!

Well, I had better get something done… we open April 30!

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