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Patricia Shoppe owner, Erin Bosman

Patricia Shoppe owner, Erin Bosman

We are pretty lucky to live in Egg Harbor for many reasons… the people, the beauty, the restaurants, but mostly the SHOPPING.   Being mostly a catalog shopper I have found  there are a some really cool places  in Egg Harbor to shop for clothes. I am a pretty casual person, but  I love dresses,  tops and of course accessories. The lodging business is a perfect fit for me because I can dress like I am on vacation. I love bright colors (pink of course) and I wear sandals until the snow flies.

One boutique I absolutely love is the Patricia Shoppe in Egg Harbor.   Erin Anschutz Bosman is a Door County native.  Her boutique the Patricia Shoppe is named in honor of her great grandmother  Patricia  McGrath Lind who owned the first Patricia Shoppe  in Chicago in 1937.  From the photos from back in the day, Erin’s great-grandma looked like the grooviest chick on earth… or at least in Chicago.

Erin opened The Patricia Shoppe in 2001 and it  is located in the old Egg Harbor Town Hall…  we  used to vote there before the new Egg Harbor Town Hall was built in Carlsville.   Anyway,  Erin’s store is located just below the Egg Harbor hill on Highway 42 on the curve right before you get to St. John the Baptist Church.

My new dress

My new dress

Yesterday, I picked up this great dress with a pair of earrings to match.  Like I said I love dresses as I can dress them up or down… I can wear them to work with flip flops or add a pair of dramatic earrings and a pair of heals and I am off to dinner and the theatre… well, that  never happens but if it does I’m prepared.

The Patricia Shoppe has a ton of cute purses… Big Buddha (another fav- trendy and cheap), great jewelry, hats, crazy scarves and even shoes.  I bought this cute dress for a little over a hundred bucks which is a decent price.

Erin is the perfect personal shopper… she suggests items to try on that maybe would not be on the radar… at least my radar that is and she is usually right on.  I wasn’t planning on trying on this dress and I ended up buying it.

Erin franchised The Patricia Shopppe and now there are stores in Whitefish Bay and Madison… next… who knows, maybe full circle and back to Chicago!

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