Cloudy with a chance of fun…

Oh, what to do, what to do on a cloudy and/or rainy day?  In Door County the answer is… plenty!  Oh, there the usual things, plenty of boutiques and galleries which are great, but there are other things to do too.  Why not take a turn off the main drag and search for the hidden gallery or antique shop?  Bet you haven’t been bowling in awhile… check out the Sister Bay Bowl and refresh your memory on how to keep score by hand.  Then walk across the street to Husby’s and grab a cold beer and a burger.  Got an artsy side?  Even if you don’t, at Hands On Art Studio, paint, sculpt or weld yourself a masterpiece.

Why not take a class at the Savory Spoon Cooking School in Ellison Bay?  My friend Ronald and I took a wild game cooking class that was out of this world.  And the best part? The class sits down to eat the scrumptious dishes at the end.

If the weather is making you lazy, take a day and drive through one or more of Door County’s beautiful  state parks.  Even in the rain, there is nothing like a ride through the park.

Have you ever been to the Door County  Historical Museum?  Didn’t think so.  This free museum, yes free, is truly a Door County gem.  Our friend and neighbor, Mike Orthober, created a wildlife diorama that is so life like you won’t believe it.  Mike is an award winning taxidermist and artist.

wildlife diorama

Also at the museum,  check out the Pioneer Fire Company exhibit complete with old firetrucks, an antique hearse and an old jail cell.  Pretty unusual stuff, right?

Another museum located in Sturgeon Bay, is the Door County Maritime Museum who sponsors the annual Door County Lighthouse Walk that is scheduled for June 11-13.  Inside the Maritime Museum you will find the latest exhibit “GHOSTS! Haunted Lighthouses of the Great Lakes”.  That’s right, haunted lighthouses… too cool.

Still not satisfied? How about a trolley ride?  The Door County Trolley is celebrating their 10th year and we are headed to a party tonight at The Orchard’s to celebrate the fact.  The Door County Trolley offers winery tours, lighthouse tours, scenic tours and even a ghost tour.  Apparently, Door County is haven for ghosts… who knew!  Everybody loves the trolley not only for the places it can take you but also for the trolley drivers.  They are local folks who know everything about Door County and make the trip extra fun.  Congratulations AJ, on your ten year anniversary!

So, nothing to do on a rainy day?  That’s just crazy talk!

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