What do you do in the winter?

Ahh, the question everyone in Door County gets asked. And the answer is a lot!  There are things going on every weekend.  There are classes at The Clearing, Friday night adult art night at Hands On Art Studio. Recently, we went to a movie at the Door Community Auditorium with friends.  A guy everyone knows as Chewy is a professional horse trainer and roper.  He is known as the Door County horse whisperer.  Anyway he was chosen along with 99 other horse trainers to train a wild stallion in like 60 days.  (I think it was 60 days, it wasn’t a lot of time). There was a documentary made about the competition and shown at the auditorium.  Chewy and his brothers are also well known roofers in Door County and they do a lot of roofing for Carlson & Erickson Builders that is owned by John Sawyer, Mark’s cousin and that where we got the idea to go. Our first stop was at the new Mexican restaurant Arroyo Bay Grill which is located across the street from the auditorium…

Chewy’s brother Nino manages the restaurant…


Nino says it the only restaurant serving authentic Mexican.  I am sure others probably beg to differ but what we had was authentic and delicious. We ate and had a couple of drinks then we all marched across the street to the auditorium. At first I was thinking, how long is this going to be?  Seriously, it was a great movie.  Chewy finished in the top ten and they did interviews with his brothers and that was fun to watch too. Everyone loved it and gave Chewy and his family a standing ovation.  Congratulations Chewy… keep up the good work.

Chewy demonstrates horsemanship roping

As for this weekend?  Well it is the famous Fish Creek Winter Festival of course.  New this year is a kickball tourny.  Kickball was one of the only games I was decent at in grade school. Decent being kicking the ball and running. Boom.  My family has signed up to play Saturday.  Me, not so much but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anything. Check out the chili competition and you will see me participating.  No not as an actual participant but as a chili judge.  Why am I qualified?  Just because, that’s why.  I am super excited and can’t wait to taste all the concoctions.  Look for my pal Rachel Manek of Fox 11’s Good Day Wisconsin as a judge as well.

There will tons of food, drink, a parade, a fun run, silly games and… wait for it… FIREWORKS! Still not sure what it is?  Check out this Winter Games video…

Not into the festival scene… how about SOUP!  Everyone love soup… check it out.

So much to do, so much time to do it, well in the winter that is!.  See you on the ice!


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