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We went to the Door Community Auditorium last night to see the Indigo Girls but not before eating at Peninsula Pub.

It was lucky duck night and I didn’t want to miss it.  What’s Lucky Duck you ask?  Well, the Pub issues a certain amount of numbers (you can only get in if there are numbers available).  Emilie and I were able to secure numbers a few months ago.  Then you put twenty bucks in before the drawing but you must be present to win.  The winnings depend on how many people show up.  If the person isn’t there half goes back in the pot and they draw another winner.  The winner this week?  None other than our gardener/landscape lady, Jerry!  YAY Jerry. PS… Thanks Kyle and Faye, the food was great.

Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls played in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. There were a lot of locals there which was nice to see.  Why I only recognized about three songs, but the ladies were hugely entertaining.  Their song “Closer to Fine” nearly brought down the house as did their very last song “Galileo”.  It was a really nice night.




Door County Triathlon

The Door County Triathlon is this weekend.  Unfortunately, after tearing a tendon in my ankle and needing surgery, I am out this year.  I transferred my spot to Emilie’s friend Chrystal and  I will volunteer instead.  Not quite as fun, but I can cheer all my girls on as they pass me on the way to the finish line.  Good luck girls and to all the participants.

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PSSS- I am known to make spelling errors but I made two in the title before I reread it this afternoon… Damn that spell checker.

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