Guys and Does…

Mark and I went to American Folklore Theater’s presentation of  Guys and Does last night.  What a laugh riot that was.  Maybe because we are hunters, maybe because we are Wisconsinites, I don’t know, but it was hysterical.  Although, with the crazy Wisconsin accents they used, if you were from out of state you would think that was hysterical too.  I am not a huge fan of musicals, but I loved this.  In the summer, AFT is held in the amphitheater in Peninsula State Park.  In the fall they usually move it indoors to the Ephraim Town Hall but after one sold out performance after another, AFT got together with the Door Community Auditorium board (my friend Kaaren Northrop) and worked out a way to hold the performances at the DCA in Fish Creek which holds a lot more people.

This is what it says in the playbill about hunting…

“Many of us can’t imagine shooting a deer yet feel OK about eating animals raised in lifelong confinement.  Amid the belly laughs, Guys and Does considers what our proper relationship to Nature should be.  And that’s something we can all agree is worth hunting for.”


Guys and Does only runs through Saturday, but this hunter is going to make sure she sees each and every show next year.

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