a weeknight in Door County…

We decided to head up  to “Guys on Ice”, the fall American Folklore Theatre production since we hadn’t seen it in a few years.  Normally, AFT’s shows are held at the outdoor amphitheater in Peninsula State Park but last year AFT in conjunction with the Door Community Auditorium has held the fall shows in the auditorium located in Fish Creek at Gibraltar High School.

We decided to check out Gibraltar Grill since it was close to Gibraltar School and to be honest we hadn’t eaten there before.  They have an outdoor bar which we decided to check out first.

The restaurant wasn’t this happening when we were there, but we welcomed the quiet and were able to score a nice spot at the outside bar.  We met the owner Tom Young who was tending bar.  He was talkative and we like that in a bartender.  They serve just beer and wine so we checked out the libation menu and promptly ordered.  Our waitress Nancy B. lives in Egg Harbor so it was nice to see her and hear about her daughter’s recent wedding.  Nancy’s husband Mark’s  cell phone number is on our ICOE (In Case of Emergency) list.  He is/was a firefighter, plumber and jack of all trades kind of a guy.

The Gibraltar Grill is open May through October.  The food and service were great so we will have to head back there again next year.  I am sorry we waited so long.

We then headed up to the Auditorium to watch the show…

We remembered it was funny but hadn’t seen it in awhile… it was a riot! Too bad my favorite ice fisherman, our son Joe  wasn’t there.  He would have thought it was hysterical.  Even if you don’t know a thing about ice fishing, you will love the show.

It was our Door County version of a dinner and movie.

The Spitfire Grill, the next fall AFT production will begin September 30 and run through October 15.  We are looking forward to that as well.

So much to do… so little time!


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