Movin’ and shakin’ in Door County…

We have been out and about lately in Door County. We went to a graduation party for two of Mark’s Legion baseball players that was held at The Pizza Czar.  Never heard of it have you.  Well, it’s located behind PC Junction on the corner of A and E just east of Egg Harbor.  If you have kids and haven’t been to PC Junction and have your meal delivered on a train, well you just have to go.  Anyway, The Pizza Czar is in a rustic building, rustic as opposed to a dive.  It has pool tables a big bar and PIZZA.  It was a great place to have a party.  Hope Reyes had karaoke and we all danced and our Emilie and her friend Cole even sang. Too much fun.

Pizza Czar Door County


Em and Cole singing...


Here is me with the graduate, Tanner, he is Cole’s brother…

What a cute, nice kid.  It was a really nice party.  Thank you.

Mark coaches Legion baseball like I said and he had a game Sunday night so I tagged along with my friends Nancy, Stephen, Nancy and Steve… yeah I know.  They were going up to Coopers Corner in Fish Creek.  We ate outside and the food and wine were really good. Steve had this huge, crazy meatloaf thing that I am going to have to try. The waitstaff was great and it really is a pretty spot.

Steve, Nancy, Stephen, Sarah and Nancy


Thank guys, I had a blast!

Last night we went down to The Hof restaurant which is located at the Alpine Resort.  We like to go there to see all the Bertschingers but especially to see my friend Emily.  The food is always great and there is a nice view of the water too.  I had the German platter which was a combination of sauerbraten, knockwurst,  wiener schnitzel and spaetzle.  I had never eaten any of these things in my life… wow, was I missing out.  It was super delish.  Mark had the Prime Rib which was also excellent.  I know since I ate the leftovers for lunch today.  Thanks Berschingers and The Alpine, it’s always a treat to visit you.

On a much, much sadder note, 12 year old Bo Johnson who is the famous restauranteur Al Johnson’s grandson, is suffering from an extremely rare Leukemia.  He is at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital.  A vigil is planned for Sunday night at the Sister Bay Marina.  He needs everyone’s prayers so badly right now.  Please pray for his mom Annika Johnson as well.  I know we are.

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