Door County Trolley

Mark and I celebrated our anniversary October 27 which coincided with the last day Egg Harbor Lodge would be open for the season.  We decided to invite some friends and our kids and rent the Door County Trolley for Saturday afternoon.  At first I thought about a winery tour but then I was like who am I kidding with my cast of characters it had to be a pub crawl.  Lucky for us our pal Todd was the trolley driver…maybe not so lucky for him.  Thanks for putting up with us Todd!

door county trolley

We headed up to the Shoreline to have lunch, first dropping the kids off at JJ’s… too many people to eat at one place. With the urging of my pal John saying it was much too early for lunch we made a pit stop at the Mink River Basin.  We then had a great lunch at the Shoreline (with Bill making a quick detour to buy smoked whitefish at Charlie’s Smokehouse).  By the time we went to pick up the kids they had already made their way to Husby’s.  Husby’s was packed like rats and I would have loved to stay longer but we had more pubs to visit.  Next stop was AC Tap where Lauren entertained us with her Gangnam Style moves. After that we hit the Blue Ox and Coyote Roadhouse…whew!  What.a.blast.

We finally made our way back to the big suite at Egg Harbor Lodge for dinner.  Mark picked up prime rib that Timmy from Casey’s smoked for us.  I had a huge potato casserole and Nancy prepared a spinach salad and coleslaw.  What a feast!  Everyone stayed at the lodge so we just hung out the rest of the night.

Thanks to all our friends and family… we had a fabulous end of season celebration.

PS… The Door County Trolley has tons of different Trolley Tours to choose from.  I would highly recommend them.  Their drivers are knowledgeable and it’s a great way to see Door County.


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