Door County Half Marathon…

This past Saturday, our daughter Nellie and her friend Rob Geitner (whose family owns Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille) ran in the Door County Half Marathon. So, Nellie, Robert, my niece Annie and my friend Mary Geitner all headed up to the park at about 8:30.  We parked in the American Folklore Theatre Parking Lot.  The half marathon started at 10 with the Nicolet 5K at 10:30.  There were thousands of people there many of them hanging out in the big tent 106.9 The Lodge was announcing from. The race is well organized and the weather cooperated and the skies turned blue just before the race began.  This was Nellie’s second half marathon…

Nellie Sawyer

Robert finished with a seriously decent time of 1:36…

Rob Geitner

Funny how some people like short shorts and others like long shorts… isn’t it? They both agree on black socks however.

Also running the race was Karen Peterson from Maxwell’s House, Polly Helm from Door County Nature Works and Gerald Rex from Main Street Market.  We really saw a lot of people we knew and it made for a really great day, but it didn’t end at the park. After my athletes showered at my niece Kate’s house, we had lunch at Husby’s.  We saw Jeff and Sally Pfeifer (Thomas/Pfeiffer Insurance) and Fred and Debbie Anderson (The Ashbrooke). Sally was kind enough to give me one of her cow bells for next year’s race.  Thank goodness because I just about had my hands clapped off.  Outside at Husby’s Garage we got a table and watched the band The Nicks play.

The weather was beautiful too.  We sat with Mike and Carrie Mesic from 106.9 The Lodge who were major sponsors of the race. I also ran into long time pal Dick Burress who just retired after being The Door County Emergency Services Director for years. This is Dickie and me with Mike Mesic.

Mike, Sarah and Dick

That’s the Sister Bay Bowl behind me with all new siding and a nice porch.  It looks great.  My niece Kate Hastings tends bar there on weekends.

It was a really great day.  Thanks go out to the runners, the sponsors and all the volunteers that make the Door County Half Marathon so successful.  See you there next year!

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