Venison Stew…

We had our annual venison stew Friday night… lots of food, fun and people.  Our pal Ronnie had these crazy hunting hats made for us.  We’ll wear them not to hunt but for hunting camp each night. We are looking … Read more

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Grizzly Scenic Air Tour in Door County!

I have just done the coolest thing I have done in a really long time… we flew in a small plane over Door County!  Grizzly Scenic Air Tours were nice enough to take Nellie and I on an hour tour … Read more

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Fred & Fuzzy’s & a Zip Line in Door County?

My BFF Nancy Anderson was here last week so we had a sleep over at her cottage in Ellison Bay. After lounging on the dock all day and doing a bit of kayaking we decided to head to Fred and … Read more

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Swans in Door County

It seems like everyone else has seen the swans around Door County but me. Usually they are near the shore in Baileys Harbor and they have also been spotted on Lake Michigan near Glidden Drive.  Until yesterday, I had not seen … Read more

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We ate at Birmingham’s last week after Mark got done working.  At first glance, Birmingham’s would seem to be a dive but au contraire my friends… it is anything but- the food and company are superb.  Birmingham’s has been a family … Read more

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