“Our” Door County Tornado…

I know I write about this every year, but this, to me is always worth repeating.  Twelve years ago today, a tornado came ashore and while Mark and I herded the Egg Harbor Lodge guests to our lower level, our four kids huddled in our basement at home.  The tornado tore apart our house and the first floor literally collapsed into the basement on top of the kids.  All the kids were fine… a true miracle.  Willie Oakley, a Door County Sheriff’s deputy was on the scene almost immediately and pulled the kids out of the wreckage.  At the time Josh was 16, Nellie 14, Emilie 10 and Joe 7.  Even our dog Sandie who was in the basement as well, was fine.

This is the tornado minutes before it hit our house, taken by our neighbor Mel Pfister…

Here it is hitting the house… you can see the debris…

The Pfisters didn’t loose their house but most of their windows were blown out.

Our neighbor, Bill Kroll took videos of the destruction as well as taped the TV reports on the damage.  Tonight, we will probably pop in the videos and then count our blessings…  .

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