Egg Harbor’s new walking trail

Egg Harbor purchased a piece of property adjacent to our public beach a year or so ago.  It made the beach much wider and nicer.  An old cottage was razed and now we have more room for picnic tables, bodies lying in the sun and Frisbee.  The Village of Egg Harbor decided to make a walking trail from Shipwrecked to the beach since pedestrians use to walk the narrow road with the cars and bikes to get to the beach.  Apparently, this will be done without sacrificing any trees which is nice.  Our larger beach is a boon to our little Door County village.  I believe it’s time for everyone to get back to basics and hanging out at the beach and having a picnic is a good way to start. Bring a football and play a little catch or stop there in the evening with some snacks and watch the sunset.  Kids don’t need water parks all the time… they probably prefer just a little one on one with mom and dad.  My kids learned to swim at the beach with just little old me as the teacher- cold water and all.  While they probably can’t swim the English Channel they are plenty good enough to at least swim off the dock or a boat. The girls and I swam in the Door County Triathlon the last three years. 

 Last year we were able to launch our kayak at the beach off the old boat launch that’s down there. Before that Emily and Cindy from the Alpine used to let us use their boat launch.  Don’t forget we have three kayaks at Egg Harbor Lodge that are no charge to our guests.  I for one am a huge beach fan  and the walking trail will make the jaunt to the beach much safer for everyone.

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