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For those of you who aren’t familiar, Twitter is a micro blog… kind of an instant messaging site with a twist.  Anything you write must be done in 140 characters or less- spaces and punctuation included.  You are supposed to answer the question… What are you doing? It is actually easier than blogging as it takes less time but in order to get followers you need to write snippets of info that are interesting or link to something that is.  I have been having a bit of trouble with linking and re-tweeting (that’s copying someon else’s  tweets which is encouraged) but I am sure I’ll get into it sooner or later.  Stephen Kastner from and has been hooking me up with helpful Twitter links to help me familiarize myself with the process.  I think it will be fun once I get it figured out as I will be able to Tweet (that is what it’s called when you actually write something) from my Blackberry which should be pretty cool once summer hits and we are out and about a lot more. My mission is not to bore people but give out info about Door County and Egg Harbor Lodge that maybe interesting to my followers… we’ll see.

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