Dive Bars

When you live in Door County, it impossible to not go into one of the many dive bars once in awhile.  I am not using this term in a derogatory way, but rather in an affectionate, gotta go there way.  Many so called dive bars have delicious food, and most Door County residents frequent them on occasion.  One of our favorites The Red Room not only has good, cheap food but also our friend Paul DeJardine is one of the bartenders.  Here he is on a recent Friday night pointing to the low prices on the menu board…

The Red room

Yes, that’s right… a cheeseburger costs a whopping $2.50 and yes, it is really good.  The Red Room is located on Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay across from Butch’s Bar, a dive bar that we do not go into.  The Red Room does not have a website to link to.  Most don’t.

I think most people appreciate a cheap, greasy burger once in awhile… I know I do.

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