Yum… Subs!

My new favorite place for a great sub sandwich is in the Mobil Station in Sister Bay (again, no website… people you need a website).  Yes, that’s right, good food in a gas station. Sub Express and Pizza Prima! are located in Sister Bay in front of the new Pamida store (the former Krist’s grocery store).  The gas station/restaurant is really clean and there are either tables or a high bar table located by the big front window with stools to sit if you decide to dine in which is what we did. Pick up a menu slip fill out everything you would like on your sub and hand it to the sub-maker.  I love Subway but this is way better.  I haven’t tried their homemade pizza but everyone says it is also very good.  In addition to subs and pizza they also do fried baskets, appetizers, chili and even some entrees.  It would be a perfect place to pick up lunch and head out for a picnic.  So if you’re hungry and tempted to buy one of those greasy hot dogs rolling around on a machine at some gas station, get your gas and lunch at the Sister Bay Mobil instead… you won’t be disappointed.

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