The Hof at Alpine Resort

emily-and-i.JPG Last night Mark and I decided to go out for dinner after work.  We like to head down to the the Hof Restaurant in the summer, they have great food.  The dining room has a beautiful view of the water and is one of the few restaurant in the county with a view. On our way into the bar, we noticed they expanded the outside seating and will be offering a limited menu outside this summer… how fun.  The dining room is spacious and well decorated with huge windows that over look Egg Harbor.  Mark ordered the salmon and I had the walleye and then we split it.  The walleye was panfried which is Mark’s favorite.  The salmon was cooked perfectly, not overdone which is my pet peeve.  Both were equally delicious. Alpine itself is amazing to see.  It’s like the movie “Dirty Dancing”… remember?  Almost always, all the members of the Bertschinger family are there hard at work.  Emily Bertschinger Pitchford and I are good friends and in the summer about the only time we get to hang out is if we head down there for dinner.  The Hof doesn’t seem to get the free publicity some of the other DC restaurants do and it is a shame… it is a first-class restaurant.  Next time you are in Egg Harbor, check them out.  See you there..

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