Good Morning Egg Harbor

 Jon and Cindy, long time guests at Egg Harbor Lodge are here now with a group of classmates.  More than once they decided on breakfast at The Bistro at Liberty Square and raved about it.  They particularly liked the stuffed French toast. There was also an early bird “Fill me up breakfast” for only 4.95.  We have eaten dinner there and the blackened salmon wrap was really good. The interior is adorable and there is outdoor seating too, which of course I loveLiberty Square also has a gourmet food store, women’s apparel and The Board Room which has entertainment every afternoon.  The guys can hang out and have a beer or glass of wine in there why the women shop.  Or in my case, hang out there anyway because I hate to shop.  Liberty Square has really been a nice addition to our little town.

The Bistro at Liberty Square

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