An Egg Harbor Evening

EHLMark and I and our friends Kerana and Avram checked out The Log Den on Sunday night.  Besides the fact that the restaurant is really unique, our food was excellent.  The restaurant was built by our neighbors on Division Rd., Wayne and Dianne Lautenbach and their kids, Frank, Wayne and Kim.  The logs are all hand scribed and there are huge carvings of wildlife throughout the restaurant.  The bar looks like it could seat 50 people and has a few large flat screen TVs.  There is a big fireplace in the bar area also.  Our waitress Bridget, is a local and Mark and I have known she and her husband for a number of years.  Anyway, Kerana and I loved our Chilean Sea Bass which was topped with crab, shrimp, lobster and a saffron cream sauce.  Av had had the walleye which looked really good, but he didn’t rave about it. Mark liked his salmon which surprised me because I make a prize-winning version of salmon and I’m not bragging… that’s a fact.  The food was great and we headed off to the the Peg Egan pavillion  in downtown Egg Harbor to watch the Sunday night concert.  The folk group Sons of the Never Wrong were the performers for the evening.  It probably wasn’t a group I would have planned to check out (3 part harmony… um, no thanks) but they really were delightful.  It is probably a good thing for me to do things that aren’t the norm.  Anyway, Avram liked the group so much, that it really made it worth going… It was one of the nicer evenings Mark and I have had in a long time.  Kerana and Av head back to Highland Park on Saturday, and we always hate to see them leave.

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