Door County Visitor Bureau

Last night the members of the Door County Visitors Bureau got together for a casual informational meeting with drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the Gorden Lodge Events Center.  The food was excellent and the new facility looks fantastic.  People wonder if we do weddings (we don’t) but brides… check out this place- it would be perfect for a wedding. 

 Mark and I like to stop for cocktails at the Top Deck which is located on the same property.  It is one of the few restaurants on the water.  There is a big bar with windows on three sides overlooking North Bay.  It is kind of out of the way but well worth the beautiful drive. We saw a buck standing next to their sign when we pulled in.

We saw tons of people we knew at the get together and the mood was really high (no pun intended).  The new direction the DCVB is taking looks promising and everyone is pretty excited.  Most business owners talked of having a good year despite the gloom and doom in the media.  I think everyone is thankful and excited for the future of Door County.

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