Fireworks and Parade…

We headed to downtown Egg Harbor on July 3 for the fireworks and we certainly were not disappointed… they were phenomenal!  Tons of people, music and food.  It was great. We always stop at the Alpine for drinks after to see my friend Emily Bertschinger Pitchford and her family.

For the parade on Monday, we got our float done in record time… enough time to run down to Bruce and Gail’s at the Lull-Abi Inn for a minute to catch their live band before the parade.

This is basically how our float starts out…

Our guests get afraid, very afraid when they see this hot tub hanging out in the Egg Harbor Lodge lawn a few days before the parade.  They all say “Oh… it’s for the float!”  Got that cleared up.  Then progress begins…

This is our friend Tom… without him it would be a much bigger chore to put this gig together…


Mark made brats for us and Tom and Helen who used to stay with us (now they have a condo) came up as did Katie and Jim PionkoskiKatie and Jim own a new cheese store in Egg Harbor called Wisconsin CheeseMasters.Com on Rainbow Ridge Court at the top of the Egg Harbor hill.  Their Ba Ba Bleu Cheese… yum.

This is our granddaughter Adi.  Her big brother Jaden passed out the candy in the parade.  Remember the good old days when you could just throw it?  Not anymore.

Adi and Grammy

The parade begins with a fright…

Nellie, Joe, monster, Emilie, Sadie


For some reason we didn’t get a picture of our float in it’s entirety but check my previous blog post…  the float was pretty much the same as last year.  But hey, it’s tradition.  Mark and I rode on the bed and the girls were in the hot tub.  The signs say “Make your own fireworks at Egg Harbor Lodge”  and “Leave the kids at home!”  under the hot tub.  Now why mess with perfection?

Anyway, much fun was had by all.  Just 363 days (leap year) till next year.



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