Big Weekend

Gosh… all hell broke loose this weekend.  Friday night, we had our own Door County Fish Fry right in our own home.  Our pal Ronny brought halibut from a recent fishing trip to Alaska and we deep fried it in our outdoor fryer.  Yes, I still cook outdoors even in the winter.  Saturday night took us to a cousins wedding at Mr. G’s and a good time was held by all.  In addition, Mark’s cousin John Sawyer’s daughter Katie was crowned Miss Door  County by none other than her sister who was the former Miss Door County.

Sarah, Katie and Nellie

The Door County Idol Contest was held at the Door County Community Auditorium this weekend also.  I heard it was absolutely fantastic.  The contestants must be between 15 and 19 years old and reside in Door County.  Miss Lily Larsen from Sturgeon Bay High School was this year’s Idol winner.  Eli Mattson made a surprise appearance.  Wish I’d have been there…

Fish Creek held it’s annual Winter Festival on Saturday and Sunday.  I drove through on Saturday and there were tons of people… and kites.  Each year the festival has a cherry pit spitting contest.  Sounds fun, but I am afraid I would win… I don’t need a photo of me spitting a pit circulating the news.

Our Aunt Millie Sawyer retired from Younkers after like fifty-some years or something.  It was her 84th birthday so her family had a retirement/birthday party for her on Sunday.  As a young, single woman, she traveled by train to New York as a buyer for Younkers (Originally Prange’s).  We will all miss the coupons she had stockpiled for family and friends when we shopped at Younkers.

Aunt Millie

The Door County snowmobile trails are closed due to the recent thaw.  We have had a lot of snow so I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before they re-open.

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