Something Fishy…

Lisa from Something Fishy

Lisa from Something Fishy

Egg Harbor has dozens of cute shops and boutiques but Something Fishy has set itself apart from the many Door County “gift shops”.The owner Lisa Seeber Harding has an eye for the unique. Probably one of her more unusual  items are the the charms that can be made into necklaces. Many have Door County themes… I bought my daughters the Egg Harbor Girl charm, but there is Door County Girl, Fish Creek Girl, etc.  The charms come with a free necklace which you can cut to any length you would like and add other beads and charms.  The ideas for the necklaces are endless and Lisa does a nice job of helping  you select the charms. If you are attending the Girlfriends Great Eggscape May 14-17  in Egg Harbor one of Lisa’s necklaces will be in each gift bag. Pretty cool…

Something Fishy also has purses and  these cute colored flip flops…everyone knows I LOVE flip-flops!.

Something Fishy in Door County

Something Fishy in Door County

Back in the day, this little building was our Egg Harbor Post office.  That’s when you were able to send a letter with just the person’s name and Egg Harbor, Wisc. on it, nothing else and of course the person got it.  I wouldn’t try that today.

Something Fishy is located across the street from Main Street Market in Egg Harbor.  It is really a darling little boutique…check it out when you you are in Egg Harbor this year.

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