Simon Creek Winery

We went to Mike’s Port Pub the other night after Joe’s baseball game (they won both games!) for dinner. Also eating at Mike’s was Colonel (retired) Tim Lawrie and his wife Barb.

Tim and Barb Lawrie

Tim and Barb Lawrie

They are the owners of Simon Creek Winery which is on my  Sarah’s Favorites list.  This winery feels more like you are in someone’s nice home as opposed to a winery… very comfortable and cozy.

The sitting area at Simon Creek

The sitting area at Simon Creek

In the summer they have music outside on their deck on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  On a nice day, sitting on their back deck with wine and music- well, that’s just hard to beat.  They have a great selection of wine, and while they make a Door County Cherry, most of the wines are of the grape variety which is much more appealing to me. They even make a Jackson Port in honor of the township they are located… Jacksonport.  They also are known for their… um, how shall I say this… unsnootyness (I know, that’s not  a word).  I can’t stand to go into a place of business and owners or employees make me feel uncomfortable.  This is just not the case at Simon Creek.

They also have a cute gift shop and sell wine through their website simoncreekwines.comDoor County is lucky to have different wineries to choose from and really, they are all great… Simon Creek just isn’t one to miss.

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