My pals… Barb & Gregg Luhring

3WDesign Group

  Growing client websites since 1995

Barbara and Gregg Luhring are the owners of 3W Design Group right here in Door County.  I took it to heart when someone told me good business owners are those who surround themselves with people smarter than they are.  This is where Barb and Gregg come in… they are my go-to people when it comes to anything regarding my website, advertising, my blog, etc., etc.  I have always known the web was the wave of the future, but I must be more left-brained (or is it right-brained?) when it comes to web technology.  It doesn’t really matter because these two can do it all for me and in layman’s terms.  Barb talked me into blogging early last spring.  While I always liked to write, I really didn’t think I wrote well enough to submit anything to the newspaper, but blogging is right up my alley because it is MY website. She recently set me up to Twitter, so soon people will be able to follow my Tweets from my website.

The Peninsula Pulse wrote a nice article about Barb, check it out at

Not only do they know their stuff, but they are fun to be around… Barb is one of the smartest chicks I know and she has a great sense of humor. Check out their company at  I am glad I did.

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2 Responses to My pals… Barb & Gregg Luhring

  1. Rebecca J says:

    thanks for your information!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Wow what a nice post. Thank you for the compliments. We can do a little pushing but you are the engine that makes this blog run! Keep it up. I know you will.

    That was a nice article about Barb wasn’t it? You know, I have the privilege to live and work with her… Ha, ha!

    Thanks again,

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